Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Emma's First Dance Recital

Emma had such a fun time at dance this fall. Ainsley was in the same class which made it even better. She was really excited to have a dance recital just like Adelaide did.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Adelaide has been so funny about starting kindergarten. It's been all she could talk about for the past year or two up until a month ago. She went to get her tb shot from the doctor and flipped out. She was screaming, crying, kicking...we had to have an other nurse come in to hold her down as she is yelling she doesn't want to go to kindergarten. Ever since then she has told everyone that she does not want to go to school. This morning she was such a grouch, had a good cry and then was okay. We almost had an other melt down over not being able to find her lunch box but luckily we found it. She is such a sweet girl and acts so grown up all the time but I guess down deep she is a normal 5 year old.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Family Fun!

Brandon's Family came up this summer. His mom, dad, grandma and sister along with her little girl. We had a fun time- we were really busy. We drove up to Fairbanks. We saw Santa, ate at Pagoda(Guy Fieri went there), went to the bowl store, ate Hot Lick ice cream(super over priced ice cream), drove down to Denali, ate more ice cream, shopped and then came home all in a two day span. Brandon, Davis and his family went on a Kenai Fjords tour. They loved it. We went to the Farmer's Market, Wild Berry, Bear Tooth Theatre....... I think they saw the best of what Alaska has to offer. We had a great time with them here. The picture of the dahlia is from my front porch-I am pretty proud, I haven't killed any of my flowers/plants yet. We celebrated Brandon's Mom's birthday, Shauntay's, Davis' and Emma's birthday while they were here. Davis and Adelaide had their last t-ball game. They each got a trophy and a rootbeer float! Writing down all that we did in 10 days makes me tired.

The kids!

Adelaide passed out the day of the marathon. Davis found his train hat but he looked more like a newsie to me. Carter was posing with the girls.

Emma's 3rd Birthday!

Emma had a fun but low key birthday. We invited some friends and family to the park for pizza and cake. She had such a good time. It was a perfect party for a three year old. I tried to make a cake but it turned out to be a mess. It didn't taste good either. The good thing is that she won't remember it. Grandma Jan took her out for her birthday to dinner, a movie and shopping. As soon as they sat down for the movie she asked it they could leave and go get her a present from the store. That girl loves to shop. Emma is such a spunky girl, we love you Emma-nemmers!

Fun Outside!

Our kids have had such a fun time being outside this summer. We have had really nice, warm weather.

67 Degree Weather in Alaska = Running thru the sprinklers in your underwear!

When it gets above 60 degrees in Alaska my kids think it is 80. They had a great time running thru the sprinkler. We had made homemade hamburger buns with our own patties and Brandon was so proud that he took a picture of it. They were really good!